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Company Discount Tickets

Quassy Amusement Park is pleased to offer a substantial discount on our All-Day Ride & Splash Away Bay water park pass for your employees and their families. Best of all, we've taken the worry out of dealing with tickets and money with our online processing. Have your human resources director contact us for details on this worry-free program.

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Discount Tickets offer the following perks:

  • Entrance to Splash Away Bay water park
  • Entertainment at the Carousel Theatre stage
  • Unlimited land rides
  • Special discount ticket pricing
  • Note: Parking is not included and these tickets are not valid July 4th

How the program works:

  • ONLINE - Your employees can purchase their own tickets online, which means no money or tickets to handle at your office. Quassy provides a company code for use with this program.
  • Quassy will provide promotional posters for your company to highlight the discount online purchase program.

Quassy's discount tickets make great employee incentives and gifts, so your company can chip in if it so desires! To get this exceptional program working for you today, call 203-758-2913