We're So Excited!

Posted on July 16, 2021

ROCKETBLAST for web.jpg

Yes, we’re hyped, we’re excited.

  This week the park announced a new major attraction would be making its debut for next season.

  How can you do this, one might ask? Aren’t we still in the shadows of the COVID crisis and things still too far from normal to think about such a venture?

  One important thing we have to point out is that our industry is “resilient.”  When we get knocked down by bad weather during a relatively short season here in New England, we’re resilient.

  During hard economic times – and the park has seen its share of them over the past century – Quassy has been resilient.

  So, while we all suffered through 2020 when COVID took grip of the world, we couldn’t just throw in the towel and call it quits.

  There’s no denying that the park struggled through an exceptionally hard year, yet we consider ourselves fortunate. Many small businesses were shuttered in 2020 and a lot of them will never reopen.

  Bear in mind, we’re a small business and a locally-owned one to boot. In fact, two of the park’s owners are at the property daily - open to close - to oversee all of its operations. That comes with the territory of being a small business owner.

   So, why put in a new attraction now?

  Regardless of all of the turmoil of 2020, the thinking caps at the park remained on with a focus on how to make the experience in coming seasons even better. That’s what our business is all about.

  The fruits of those labors were officially make public this week as we unveiled a new water raft ride for 2022. And this won’t be a cookie cutter attraction either as it will incorporate the latest technology in creating what is known in our industry as a water coaster.

  The Quassy faithful on social media quickly chimed in with words of congratulations, and we greatly appreciate that.

   So here we go. Just after Labor Day the area for the new water ride will be excavated and another chapter started in the 113-year history of Quassy.

  Glad you can come along for the ride!