How Do You Revv Up A Roller Coaster Commercial? Here's How We Did It

Posted on April 9, 2021

Very blurred image of the Wooden Warrior roller coaster ride in motion with people riding it

When we were preparing Wooden Warrior for its debut season in 2011, we knew we had to have a television commercial that would be as special as the ride itself. After all, the park's new marque attraction was deserving of special promotional treatment as we had pulled out all of the other stops in building up the hype.

As for the 30-second TV ad, we wanted something dynamic - something that would leave a lasting impression - something that would make you just have to experience this new ride.

We put on our thinking caps and wrote a script - an impressive script - that would fit into the time alloted for the campaign. The way the script read, it needed an authoritative voice behind it and we turned to our longtime friends at Northern Lights Communications in nearby Bristol, Connecticut, to find the right match.  Not to disappoint, Northern Lights sent us some sample audio cuts and there it was - the perfect voice for the Wooden Warrior ad. 

The coaster got the greenlight in mid-April after a thorough inspection by state officials and was primted to open with the rest of the rides the last Saturday of the month. With the clock ticking, Jeff and Jason from Northern Lights packed up their gear and showed up at the park to shoot the raw footage needed to complete the project. We had talked at length with them prior to the onsite taping so they had a real sense of what we were after. The intro to the ad had already been captured and was awaitng the rest of the footage to be boiled down in editing.

We had lined up some season pass holders, friends and some park employees to pack the coaster train during the filming, so the stage was officially set. Within a few hours we had everything we needed to complete the project and the finished commercial hit the airwaves just ahead of the park's opening weekend. To this day the Wooden Warrior commercial - we believe - is one of the best TV spots the park has ever produced. 

Just in case you haven't seen it, we're linking it to this post so you can relive some history at Quassy.  That's an ad we'll never forget.  Click here for the ad