Inside Quassy Amusement Park & Rules

Quassy Amusement and Waterpark is dedicated to providing a fun and safe experience for all visitors. Please review the rules for inside the park before your next trip to Quassy to make sure you come with the appropriate clothing which will allow you to enjoy all of the rides and waterpark safely. Quassy maintains a family atmosphere to welcome people of all ages. Please note that no grills, alcohol or glass containers may be brought into the park. 

Inside the Park

If you need assistance or have questions during your visit, guest services are available at the Main Office, Group Sales office and the Ticket Booth at the entrance to the park. Group Sales and Birthday Party arrangements are handled through the Group Sales office or by calling (203) 758-2913. Please note, Quassy does not to personal announcements in the park. 

First Aid is at the Main Office by the Grand Carousel and as you enter Splash Away Bay and Quassy Beach.

Rental strollers are available at the Gift Shop near the Arcade. Valid driver's license required for rentals.

Rental lockers are available at the entrance to Splash Away Bay waterpark and Quassy Beach. $20 per locker ($10 rental fee with $10 deposit for key; deposit returned when key is returned to attendant)  


Ride Restrictions - Ride safety requirements and height restrictions are posted on all rides. All riders must abide to safety rules. Shoes and shirts must be worn on all of the traditional amusement park rides. Height measurements are taken at each ride with shoes on. Note: some rides may not accommodate larger guests. Cameras, phones, keys and other loose items should not be taken on the rides. Leave them in a locker, with a family member or friend in the queue line. Quassy Amusement Park is not responsible for lost items. For the safety of all guests, electronic devices, including cameras and phones, may not be used on any ride. 

Swimwear is required in Splash Away Bay. Swimwear with exposed zippers, buckles, rivets or metal ornamentation is not permitted. Diaper-age children must wear swim diapers on the beach and in the waterpark.

Proper attire including shoes, shirts and appropriate dress (slacks, shorts, skirts) are required in the amusement park. Clothing with offensive lettering or graphics or exposed undergarments is not permitted.

Anyone - regardless of age - occupying a seat on an amusement ride or participating in or on the water attractions in Splash Away Bay and Quassy Beach will be required to purchase and wear a wristband ( anyone entering Quassy Beach and Splash Away Bay will be required to purchase an all-day wristband. Sorry, no exceptions). Note: Children under 24 months of age will receive a free wristband good to ride the Grand Carousel, train and entrance into the beach and Splash Away Bay (waterpark) area when accompanied by an adult with a wristband.

Smoking, including electronic devices, is prohibited in the park. A designated smoking area is located behind the Bumper Cars near the parking lot.

To maintain a family atmosphere for all of our guests, the park management reserves the right to remove anyone from the property for any of the following reasons: foul language, improper clothing, carrying a weapon, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to follow ride safety requirements, cutting in line.

If the park announces that it must close prior to 7 p.m. due to rain, lightning, or any other force of nature; the park will issue a Rain Pass to customers so they can finish their initial visit on a different day.

Please note the following in reference to the policy: A parkwide announcement regarding closure will be made. Any guest looking to obtain a Rain Pass can go to either the Group Sales building or the Main Office.  Please keep in mind, a Rain Pass can only be given to guests that are still wearing a wristband purchased that day. A guest must obtain a Rain Pass before they exit the park. Occasionally, the waterpark and/or the rides may shut down temporarily during a fast-moving storm. As long as the park anticipates reopening within an hour and a half of the shutdown, no Rain Passes will be distributed.

Passes are given as follows at the time of Park closure:

* If the Park closes before 4 p.m. A guest will receive an All-Day Rain Pass valid for the ticket type purchased.

* If the Park closes After 4 p.m. A guest will receive an After 4 p.m. Pass regardless of your ticket type purchased. 

* Rain Passes will NOT be given after 7 p.m. and are NOT valid on July 4th.

Thank you for visiting and stay dry!

Quassy Amusement and Waterpark is a pet-friendly park. Should you choose to bring your pet, or service animal to the park, understand that it comes with certain responsibilities and restrictions.

1.   All pets and service animals must be kept on a short leash.

2.   You are responsible for the interaction between your pet or service animal and other guests.

3.   You are responsible for the well-being of your pet. 90% of our walkways are hot pavement.

4.   Park Ride: Pets and service animals are not allowed on any rides.

5.   Waterpark and Beach:  Your pet or service animal CANNOT GO INTO ANY OF THE WATER AREAS (lake, or deck of the Waterpark). 

6.   Lastly, and most importantly, you are responsible for the actions of your pet. You must pick up after them and keep them from other guests.

If any of these conditions are broken, it can be terms for you and your pet to be asked to leave the park at your expense.