Donations & Fundraising

Quassy Amusement Park has been locally owned and operated for more than 70 years and has always been a philanthropic business, fulfilling hundreds of donation requests annually, as well as hosting numerous community service and charitable events. Quassy is delighted to help out the local community and provide smiles beyond the park walls.

People in blue cars riding the Wooden Warrior roller coaster as people in red cars ride the Quassy Express Train

The park can generally fulfill 'in-kind' donations for not-for-profit agencies and other organizations by issuing park passes (submit the Donations/Fundraising request form below).

Tired of the same fundraisers… Sell fun and make money!! 

1. Ticket fundraiser:  Quassy will start you off with 100 tickets at over 40% off the regular price. Your group can resell them at an increased rate. (Tickets valid pre  & post season)
2. Community Evening:  Own the park for a night!   You receive money from ticket sales plus a kickback of things purchased in the park while your organization has an exclusive night at Quassy Amusement Park.

Call one of Quassy’s “Fun Representatives” for more details on how Quassy can help your organization.


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