Lake Quassapaug

A fixture of Quassy Amusement Park, Lake Quassapaug is a great place to spend long summer afternoons with friends and family. With easy access from within the park, Quassy Beach offers swimming and wading in the refreshing, sparkling water. You can rent a paddle boat or take the lake excursion at the dock adjacent to the restaurant, Lake Quassapaug's serene and peaceful presence brings in visitors from all over the region. Find out more about all the fantastic lake attractions offered at Quassy.

A busy beach day with people laying out, walking around and a lifeguard sitting in the stand

Quassy Beach

There is nothing like taking a break from all the fun and excitement by enjoying a cool, refreshing, dip in immaculate Lake Quassapaug at Quassy Beach, which is adjacent to the waterpark.

Two groups of people on separate paddle boats in the middle of the lake

Paddle Boats

Two and four-seat paddle boats are available for rent at our boat landing adjacent to Quassy Restaurant. Drift across the soothing waters of Lake Quassapaug during your visit.

The Quassy Queen boat riding on the lake

Quassy Queen

Our excursion boat on Lake Quassapaug takes you on a 30-minute tour of the 300-acre lake. You pay the captain as you board, with the Queen departing about every 40 minutes until sunset. Private parties may also book the boat by calling our office.