They Came, They Donated

Posted on May 5, 2021

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That’s the word that best describes how Quassy fans reacted to the call to help neighbors in need. Food, pet food and personal care items flooded the collection barrels we had set up at the park’s entrance the past two weekends. In fact, so many donated items came in that our team had to scurry them off to our safety department buildings.


We expected a good turnout for this event, but our guests surprised us, and in a big way. Pickup truck loads of goods were taken to the regional beneficiaries of the campaign and when we say the cupboards were filled, we mean it.


The park was extremely busy, too, as the response to the community service event brought in far more people than we expected. We got caught a little off guard and apologize to those who felt the squeeze during the two busiest days. It was certainly proof that folks had been suffering from COVID cabin fever.


Yet, the vast majority of the responses we received about the crowded park were positive. And the ‘feel good’ vibe was going on as well, as patrons knew they had contributed to worthy causes by pitching in.


So, Quassy fans, take a bow. You never cease to amaze us!