Through the Quassy Season: A February Daydream of 115 Years

Posted on February 12, 2024

The Quassy Season Begins April 27.png

Plunge into a journey through time and seasons of Quassy Amusement and Waterpark. While the February cold lingers, let’s warm our hearts with thoughts of sunshine and anticipation for the upcoming 116th season at Quassy.

Explore the evolution of this beloved park from its humble beginnings as a lakeside property in 1905 to the generations of attractions it offers today.

Waves of Nostalgia

From a sea wall to a dance pavilion by the lake, the early days of Quassy were simple. What began as a trolley line along a lively beach scene, became a full-on summer resort area around Lake Quassapaug. Quassy Beach continues to be a staple for a day filled with family fun swimming, picnicking, relaxing and adventuring. 

Sun-Kissed Rides

While the "golden years" may take you back to the days of dancing, the addition of popcorn stands, and the transformation of the dance hall into a roller-skating rink, we’re daydreaming in a loop. Visions of lions, bears, and horses are spinning in our heads as we eagerly await the joy the Grand Carousel brings to visitors young and old.

We can’t help but daydream of our roller coasters past, from the Wild Mouse to the newest Wooden Warrior, evoking that excitement, fear and wonder as you wait your turn in line. Those exhilarating moments and the drop in your stomach as you descend the next drop, weave, and turn.

As we continue dreaming through the decades, we must mention the addition of the train and octopus rides, the Herschell Kiddie Land, the Hampton Space Age ride, and various dining pavilions. Oh, and the arrival of Saturn Six, Tilt-A-Whirl, and Space Shot rides, during the Post-War Boom marked a period of significant expansion for Quassy’s rides.

Splash Away Memories

As we venture further and further along our memories and into the future of Y2K, things start to get a little… saturated at Quassy. The addition of our first water coaster and the beginning of the water park development of Splash Away Bay are still fresh in our minds.

These February woes and winds have us lost in thoughts of warmer days and the cascading fountains, water cannons, and waterslides at Saturation Station. Close your eyes and picture it. You and your bestie are packing onto your raft before launching down the tower of the Category 5 Rapids before racing to the top of the tunnel slides to see who makes it to the pool below first.

We’re so close we can almost taste that sweet summer air… mmm.

Countdown to Spring

As we patiently endure the lingering chill, there's a tender anticipation for the imminent arrival of spring, bringing with it the long-awaited reopening of the Amusement Park. In April, a symphony of emotions will stir within us as the gentle breeze catches our hair once more as the Yo-Yo super swings twirl us into a beautiful kaleidoscope of colors. The Tidal Wave Pirate Ship and Free Fall 'N' Drop Tower stand as promises, evoking the delicate flutter of butterflies in our stomachs, reminiscent of the eagerly awaited moments that remind us of childhood.

Continue Quassy's journey with us, recognizing our commitment to family thrills by becoming a 2024 Quassy Season Pass Holder. Keep the thrill and summer dream alive all season. From classic attractions to new rides, Quassy continues to dream big, evolve, and ensure each visit is a memorable adventure for the next generation.

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