When One Size Doesn't Fit All

Posted on May 17, 2021


The complaint was forwarded to the ride manager on duty. A guest was upset that their child couldn't ride the bumper cars at Quassy because they weren't tall enough.


When this occurs at the park, on occasion an argument might ensue when the parent assures the manager that the child would be safe - one arm tightly wrapped around the youngster as the car scoots along the steel floor.


Usually the exchange of words ends after the park manager explains that the height requirements are established by the ride’s manufacturer, not the park as some individuals suspect. Those restrictions are set so participants can ride safely. They are the rules and we have to adhere to them.


 You can’t blame anxious kids for not wanting to be sidelined while others swerve, dodge and dash around in the electric cars. Everyone enjoys driving these amusing devices in hopes of colliding with a family member or friend. We’ve all seen the broad smiles when someone connects with an opposing bumper car. It’s just for fun and – perhaps  on occasion – offers a little sweet revenge.


Opportunity knocked for us  in 2015 when the park had a new major attraction (Frantic) on order from a European manufacturer. While the ride was being constructed in Italy, we found out the same company had a line of kiddie bumper cars.


A deal was struck to acquire a complete set of these pint-sized  vehicles for kids and the focus then was to have them ready for the ’15 season as well.


Our maintenance team quickly hoed out a storage room on the back of the arcade building to make way for the new attraction. By spring the new Junior Bumper Cars were open a stone’s throw from Frantic.


Kids were thrilled and parents relieved. A perfect fit for Quassy and our guests.